Cafe Menu

Wordsmiths Cafe is open from 7.30am Monday to Friday, we serve a wide selection of delectable dishes and drinks.

We have spacious outdoor and indoor seating or can make your meal to takeaway.

Drinks Menu

Hot drinks   8oz 12oz 16oz
Flat White $4.00 $4.70 $5.40
Latte $4.00 $4.70 $5.40
Cappuccino $4.00 $4.70 $5.40
Long Black $4.00 $4.70 $5.40
Hot Chocolate $4.20 $4.90 $5.60


Mocha $4.20 $5.20 $6.20
Chai Latte $4.20 $5.20 $6.20
Turmeric Latte $4.20 $5.20 $6.20
Dirty Chai Latte $4.70 $5.70 $6.70
Biscoff Latte $4.70 $5.70 $6.70
Matcha Latte $4.70 $5.70 $6.70




Single $3.80

Single $3.50

Single $3.80

Single $4.50

Double $4.00

Double $3.80

Double $4.00

Double $5.00

Pots of tea: $4.00

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Jasmine Green, Japanese Green, Peppermint, Lemongrass & Ginger, Forest Berry, Chamomile

Chai Tea made your way $5.00

Milk Alternatives

Lactose free or Bonsoy $0.50

Almond or Oat $1.00

Syrups $0.70

Vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, white choc, Irish cream, salted caramel, butterscotch, black cherry, gingerbread, peppermint, lychee, Turkish delight


Cold Drinks

Drinks with Cream and Ice Cream

Iced Coffee $5.20

Iced Mocha $5.20

Iced Chai $5.20

Iced Chocolate $5.20

Iced Drinks 8oz  12oz 16oz
Iced Latte $4.00 $4.70 $5.40
Iced Long Black $4.00 $4.70 $5.40
Iced Chai $4.20 $5.20 $6.20
Iced Mocha $4.20 $5.20 $6.20
Iced Matcha $4.70


$5.70 $6.70

Frappes $7.00

(scoop of ice cream, ice and syrup topped with whipped cream)

Vanilla, Caramel, Lime, Chocolate,

Strawberry, Banana or Malt

Milkshakes S: $4.70 L: $6.20

{Scoop of ice cream, syrup, milk)

Flavours: Vanilla, Caramel, Lime, Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana or Malt

Biscoff flavour $0.50 extra

Thickshakes S: $7.70 L: $9.20

{Ice cream and syrup}

Flavours: vanilla, caramel, lime, chocolate, strawberry, banana or malt

Smoothies S: $7.20 L: $8.70

{Ice cream, frozen fruit and milk} Banana, mango, strawberry, or mixed


Fresh Juices $6.20

Classic apple juice

Classic orange juice

Classic Mix – Apple, orange, pineapple

Citrus Twist – Orange, pineapple, lemon

Health Junkie – Apple, carrot, celery

Virgin Pina Colada – Apple, pineapple, coconut water

2 Fruit, 5 Veg – Orange, pineapple, carrot

(Add mint or lemon to any juice!)


Cashmere Syrups Iced Teas $5.00

Flavours: Peach and Hibiscus, Lemon Myrtle, Minted Green Tea, Goji Berry


Mount Franklin Still water $3.00

Mount Franklin Sparkling Water $3.60

San Pellegrino 250mL Bottle $3.90

San Pellegrino 500mL Bottle $4.20

Tiro Soda Water $3.90

600ml Soft Drinks $3.90

Classic Coca-Cola, Coke No Sugar, Diet Coke, Vanilla Coke, Sprite Lift

375mL Soft Drinks $3.00

Classic Coca-Cola, Coke No Sugar, Diet Coke

Bundaberg Products $4.00

Ginger Beer, Apple Cider (non-alcoholic), Lemon, Lime & Bitters, Passionfruit, Pink Grape Fruit, Creaming Soda & Sarsaparilla

Noah’s Juices $3.90

See Counter for Flavours

Remedy Kombucha $5.50

Ginger Lemon, Mango Passion, Wild Berry, Raspberry Lemonade, Passionfruit, Cherry Plum or Lemon, Lime & Mint

Karma Drinks $4.20

Lemmy lemonade

Karma Kola

Breeze Coconut Water 500mL Can $4.50



Beer, Wine, Cider & Pre-Mixed Drinks


James Squire Range $6.50

150 Lashes Pale Ale, The Chancer Golden Ale, Broken Shackles Lager

White Wine Glass Bottle
Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc $6.50 $32.00
Rumours Moscato  



Pierre Brévin Selection Rosé






Red Wine

Annie’s Lane, Clare Valley Cabernet

Wynns Shiraz











Somersby Apple Cider $6.00

Rekorderlig Ciders $6.50

Strawberry & Lime Cider

Rekorderlig Wild Berries Cider

Pre-Mixed Drinks

Canadian Club Dry $7.50


Breakfast Menu

Served until 10.30am

Light Breakfast

Thick toast with condiments (V) (GFO)

1 Slice: $3.00

2 Slices: $5.00

Condiments: butter, strawberry jam, peanut butter, vegemite, honey

Raisin toast (V)

1 Slice: $3.50

2 Slices: $5.50

Cinnamon toast (V) (GFO)

1 Slice: $4.00

2 Slices: $6.00

Mixed berries with Greek yoghurt $7.50 (V) (GF)

Quick and Easy!

Bacon & Egg roll on Turkish with BBQ sauce $7.90 (GFO)

Add gluten free bread $2.00

Brekkie Wrap $7.90

Bacon, egg, hash brown and BBQ sauce on a toasted wrap

A Little bit Extra!

Simply Avocado on sourdough $13.90 (V) (GFO)

Served with feta and a wedge of lemon

Add 2 poached eggs $3.50

Wordie’s omelette $14.90 (V) (GFO)

Omelette with mushroom, Spanish onion, spinach and feta

Served with Turkish bread.

Eggs Benedict $12.90

Poached eggs served on toasted Turkish with hollandaise sauce.

Brekkie Burger $15.90

Bacon, egg, hash brown and onion rings with cheese and BBQ sauce on toasted Turkish bread served with chips

Savoury Mince $12.90

Savoury mince on buttered thick toast with two poached eggs

Halloumi Stack $15.90 (V) (GFO)

Grilled halloumi, avocado and poached eggs on sourdough with a balsamic glaze

Build your own Breakfast $9.90 (VO) (GFO)

Poached, scrambled or fried eggs on toast

Add any breakfast extras to create your own personalised breakfast feast!

Breakfast Extras

Sauces $0.50

Turkish or sourdough bread $1.00

Gluten free bread $2.00

Tomato, hash browns, baked beans or onion rings $2.00

1 rasher of bacon $3.50

Avocado, mushrooms, ham, sausage or halloumi $4.00

Smoked salmon, 2 rashers of bacon $5.00


All day breakfast items include the Brekkie Burger, Bacon and Egg Roll, Brekkie Wrap and Fried Eggs on Toast with your choice of extras!


Light Meals and Snacks

Served all day


Served with aioli

Side portion: $3.00

Small chips: $7.50

Large share chips $10.50

Add gravy $3.00

Add cheesy bacon $5.00


Small $8.00

Large $11.00

Served with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce

Plain Croissant with butter and jam $5.50

Ham and Cheese Croissant $6.50

Toasties $6.50 (VO) (GFO)

Ham, cheese and tomato

Chicken and cheese

Cheese and tomato

Add chips for $3.00

Add extra fillings for $1.50

Nachos (VO) (GF)

Served with guacamole and sour cream

Small $10.50

Large $13.50

Add chilli beef, chicken or beans $4.50

Seasonal soup with toast $10.90 (GFO)

Check the blackboard for today’s soup special!



Check the blackboard for today’s salad special!

Pumpkin Beetroot and feta salad $14.90 (V) (GF)

A bed of leafy greens with pumpkin, beetroot and feta, topped with crushed walnuts and balsamic dressing

Greek Salad $14.90 (V) (GF)

A bed of leafy greens with tomato, cucumber, olives, red onion and balsamic dressing

Caesar Salad $14.90  (VO)

A bed of cos lettuce with homemade croutons, aioli dressing, parmesan and bacon

(add chicken $4.00)

Salad add-ons:

Avocado, poached chicken or haloumi $4.00

Smoked salmon $5.00



Served from 10:30am

Club sandwich with chips $15.90 (GFO)

Traditional club sandwich with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce and chicken

Classic BLT with chips $15.90 (GFO)

Bacon, lettuce, tomato and aioli on toasted Turkish bread

Veggie Burger with chips $14.90 (V) (GFO)

Halloumi, roasted pumpkin, roasted sweet potato, roasted capsicum, roasted eggplant, spinach, lettuce, tomato, aioli and tomato relish on toasted Turkish bread

Wordies’ Homemade Country Beef Burger $14.90

(add chips for $3.00)

Homemade beef patty on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, sweet spiced pickles, cheese, mustard and tomato sauce

Wordies’ Deluxe Grilled Chicken Burger $14.90 (GFO)

(add chips for $3.00)

Grilled Moroccan spiced chicken on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, cheese and hummus


Additional side of sauce 50c

Gluten free Bread $2.00


Wordies’ Lunch Meals

Curries with rice $14.90 (VO) (GF)

Thai green chicken curry or Vegan korma served with rice

Quesadilla with salad $14.90 (VO)

Served with guacamole and sour cream

Your choice of chilli beef, chicken or beans

Lasagne with salad $14.90 (VO)

Beef or Veggie available

Add chips for $3.00

Chicken Parmigiana with chips and salad $16.90

Chicken Schnitzel with house made Napoli sauce, ham, and melted cheese served with chips and salad

Beer-battered flathead and chips $15.90

Served with a wedge of lemon and aioli

Grilled Barramundi $18.90 (GF)

Served with Greek salad, a wedge of lemon and aioli

Grilled Salmon $19.90 (GF)

Served with roasted pumpkin, avocado, cucumber and tomato on a leafy green salad with a wedge of lemon and hollandaise sauce


Additional side of sauce 50c

Turkish or sourdough bread $1.00

Gluten Free Bread $2.00

1 rasher of bacon $3.50

Avocado, ham, chicken or halloumi $4.00

Smoked salmon, 2 rashers of bacon $5.00




Check out our display cabinet for a delicious selection of sweet treats.

Slices served with cream $5.90 (GFO)

Round Cakes served with cream $6.50 (GFO)

Banana Bread served toasted with butter $4.90

House made muffins served with butter $5.50